Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

From 2018 to 2022, the Merlin Association has been organizing creative workshops for the beneficiaries of the Day Care for People with Mental Disabilities "Susret": Hand weaving, Chibori design, Jewelry recycling, ReDesign, Patchwork, Making medieval costumes, participating in themed events, urban garden. The workshops were attended by 15 - 20 beneficiaries and family members from the Pula area.

Home for adults Villa Maria Pula provides accommodation services that include housing, food, care, health care, social work, psychosocial rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, work activities and creative workshops, active pastime. Through local projects, a lot is being done to destigmatize mentally ill people and wotk on their social inclusion in cooperation with schools, kindergartens, associations, the local community. Of the non-institutional services, the Home provides Day Care and a home help service. Dom Villa Maria is the holder of the project "Community Support TRIP B" within the Call "Expansion of the Network of Community Services - Phase III" 2015, which is implemented during 2021 and 2022. The project complements previous efforts and work to increase the capacity of social services to work in the community. The project partners are Dom Lobor grad (KR), Dom Motovun (IŽ), Vrapčići Association (SB), Ljeskovica Home for Adults (Požega), Institute for Labor Market Development (PU / ZG). The project is in line with the European strategy of PWD in the points of participation (transition to community services), equality and social protection of PWD - in the part (combating exclusion, poverty, encouraging contributions and promoting a dignified life).

Merlin Association is organizing creative workshops with the beneficiaries of the Day Care "Susret" in Pula and at the Motovun Home. The workshops include beneficiaries and families, who are making medieval costumes, which they will present as guests at local themed events in Dvigrad and Buzet. They will sew in Pula, and in Motovun they will weave, knit and make costumes by hand. The aim of these workshops is social inclusion of beneficiaries, participation in events, and the workshops themselves have the purpose of empowering the beneficiaries, who will develop and learn new skills, raising self-confidence, etc. Outputs: records of workshops and meetings, analysis of beneficiaries' satisfaction (evaluation form), participation in events, the exhibition until the end of March 2022.

Dnevni Boravak za osobe s mentalnim oštećenjem "Susret", Pula | Facebook

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