Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

In 2020/21, the Merlin Association for the Promotion of Creativity launched a puppet theater workshop on the topic of medieval history and folk tales and fairy tales. The process of creating puppet show begins with the selection of the text and the content of the play, the script, the direction, the scenography, the preparation of the music. After the puppets are made, the animators create the characters and start building the roles.

The first play is called The King's Daughter and is based on an Istrian folk tale, which was adapted for stick puppets. The content of the play is based on the medieval cultural heritage of Istria, traditional music, legends, clothing, specific medieval characters, nature conservation and textile recycling, women's rights and values ​​of personal choice. The story begins in the castle of a king who is looking for a suitor for his daughter. She turns them down one by one and decides on her chosen one who defeats the dragon in a specific way. The dolls were made in collaboration with the Merlin Association and the 2K-Kempkatzen Association from Pula. They are made from recycled scrap materials and present historical costumes from the 15th century. The play is created by the amateur actors who are members of Merlin Association. The music in the play is performed and played by animators and the melodies are from traditional Istrian songs (Balun, Troto, Polka). The characters are Martin of Ladonja, Sigmund of Raspor, Princess Beatrice, the shepherd Jura, the two-headed Dragon, the King and Queen). The scenography was painted in collaboration with young painters from the club of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rijeka. The stage is set in a medieval tent, it is played outdoors and is intended for both children and adults. The play lasts 30 minutes and will take place at cultural and thematic events in several locations in the city of Pula, school and kindergarten playgrounds, and homes for seniors.

As part of the + Resilient project co-financed by the EU Interreg Mediterranean program, a business plan was developed for the development of a social entrepreneurial project of amateur puppet theater.

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