Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

Merlin workshops aim to teach the practical and creative skills and traditional crafts, to improve the offer of quality activities for your spare time, and to encourage the persons of various skills, resources, milieu, education and age to actively participate in the creative processes and self-employment.

The beginners and the advanced workshop teach the skill of the independent apparel making. Special workshops: design of useful and decorative textile items; redesign and recycling of clothing; making curtains.

During the 30 hours of the beginners workshop, the participants learn how to use the sewing machine, and how to tailor and sew a skirt and blouse in contemporary cut, during the 30 hours of workshop. The advanced workshop teaches them how to make pants and jacket, also during 28 hours. The workshop is held twice a week, from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m, in groups of 8 - 10 participants. Training is carried out on our sewing machines, with fashionable patterns. Training course will be held in Istria and Primorsko-goranska County as per the annual schedule. Applications are required The participants who finished both the beginners and advanced workshop can come for consultations (if they need them) throughout the whole year.

Weaving workshop teaches women how to weave using weaving loom and other weaving techniques. It encourages the creativity and personal expression through the use of colors, and it revives the traditional textile technique of making the decorative and apparel items. In the workshop, we also use the recycled wool and from it we make decorative and usable items.

The "Beginners weaving workshop" is held in winter months in Pula, in groups of 6 persons working on three weaving looms. The workshop lasts 20 hours, the participants learn how to plan the weave, prepare the weave, weave, draw weave with the harmony of color and design, manually weave, and draw the embroidery with harmony of colour and design.

The women who participated in the beginners course may come three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) throughout the year and weave in our workshop.

The workshop for clay modeling and making the molds and casts from plaster, based on the motifs on Roman cultural and historical monuments in Pula, especially the amphitheater games and the theater. The goal of this workshop is to familiarize with the monuments, buildings and art of local history, and to involve the citizens in the design of souvenirs and the initiative for the change in the production of souvenirs in Pula.

During the summer and for the duration of the manifestation The original splendor of Pula's Arena, cast workshop produces over 5.000 objects made by the Association members and persons with the special needs, who therefore contribute to the positive image of the souvenir offer in our city.

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