Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

Merlin aktivnosti Through the project of Medieval Events on Veprinac and Dvigrad, we started the thematic children's workshops for making medieval costumes. During the first semester of the academic year, children in the first three grades in the R. K. Jeretov Elementary School in Opatija, Veprinac, with the help of their teachers, created 32 costumes for participation in the Feast of St Mark. In Elementary School Kanfanar we used our sewing machine to create 6 costumes for ladies and squires of Dvigrad together with the students of the 4th grade. By learning about the life and history of the Middle Ages, students learned the skills of manual and machine sewing. The main goal of the project was to familiarize the children with the skills they need in their daily life and to involve the local population in launching new cultural events in the hinterland of larger tourist centers. The project is co-financed by the Kanfanar Municipality and the Town of Opatija.

FilmFor the 10th work anniversary of Merlin Association, Merlin and the Multimedia Association Lapis from Opatia made a short documentary film about the Association's activities in 2011. We presented a souvenir design workshop, sewing and weaving workshop, and sales and exhibition activities. The film shows children from preschool playgroup "Morning flower" with their preschool teacher Sara Salvi, and Association members Natasa Jovanovic and Katja Lackovic-Culik from the "Roman Smiles" workshop. We also documented our social entrepreneurial project "The Original Splendor of Pula’s Arena" where we make original souvenirs from natural materials and sell them during the tourist season and thus contribute to the sustainability of our Association's activities and projects. We thank our donors for their co-financing in 2011: The City of Pula, The City of Vodnjan, County of Istria, HAMAG, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, IDEM Association - Open Society Foundation, Erste Foundation.



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