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Radio in the community and for the community is part of the project that aims to inform the public and bring together the staff who will create such a radio. It was conceived as an Internet portal that will also be used to broadcast radio content. The project aims to raise public awareness about the possible imapct citizens could have on the local community by using the media.

Activities will take place through the preparation of the radio studio, lectures, panel discussions, presentations, inclusion of other civil society organizations and training of their members, creating editorial policies and the creation of the program. As part of the advocacy process, which is financially supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Merlin Association is organizing a series of workshops and lectures on the work of the community radio.

This project was co-financed from 1 November 2015 until the end of 2017. Project partners were Radio Labin and the Alliance of the Rojc Associations, through the project Platform of 10 associations. In 2018, the project of community radio, that is, the non-profit electronic publication RADIO ROJC, was taken over by the Alliance of the Rojc Associations.

The project is being implemented from 01.07.2015. to 30.06.2016. and is financially supported by funds from the European Economic Area countries and the Kingdom of Norway, through the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

The main objective of the project "Together to School" is to create equal opportunities for all children of preschool age in Vodnjanu through early adoption of Croatian language, the development of tolerance and multicultural understanding of the local community towards national minorities, especially those with lower income, combating hate speech, and thus strengthening the human rights of minorities in the target community, with the purpose of inclusion of children and parents of the members of national minorities in the local community. Main beneficiaries of the project "Together to School" are primarily children for whom Croatian language is not native language (Roma, Albanian, Bosniak), their parents and families, and members of the majority population and the local community, and indirectly the wider community.

Project : IPA "Educational integration of Roma children in the town of Vodnjan"

From 22 August 2013 until 21 February 2015, Merlin Association implemented the project "Integration of Roma children in the the town of Vodnjan in the educational system of RH" funded under the European Community grant in the IPA Component IV "Human Resources Development" and the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education, Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, and received a grant in the amount of 90.95% of the total project value, which was also co-financed by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development Croatia, Istria - Istra Region and partner organizations. Partners in project implementation were Primary School Vodnjan-SE Dignano, Primary School-Scuola elementare "Giuseppina Martinuzzi" Pula-Pola and Town of Vodnjan-Dignano – Città di Vodnjan-Dignano.

This project, which is beening implemented from 2005 - 2016, is focused on the organization of quality activities, integration and the improvement of social skills of the preschool and school children of national minorities, who have no financial resources for the attendance of regular kindergartens and extracurricular activities, and on the encouragement of voluntary work and employment of the unemployed teachers and educators. Project is implemented during the whole school year, (10 months) in the town of Vodnjan, and activities are implemented in the playrooms and creative workshops in five programs:

Until 2012 Merlin Association was organizing computer workshops for people of different ages and education, where the goal was to train them to work on the computer, allowing them to access a wealth of information, expanding their network for communication, and providing them with greater equality in the labor market.