Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

Rojc Open Advocacy Platform is part of a broader platform - the Alliance of the Rojc Associations, and the members of the platform are at the same time using the rooms in the DC Rojc. The project deals with the social and cultural center Rojc as a building of the polyvalent type with wide program activities involving the users and the audience, for whom they work and who develop active and viable civil society dealing with democracy issues and who actively participate in the community. Project objectives: strengthening participatory governance of the DC Rojc by the associations and beneficiaries; raising the level of development of physical infrastructure for the activities of civil society organizations, citizens' initiatives and citizens, and for the sustainable development of the Rojc Center; raising the visibility of DC Rojc and activities of associations, strengthening the unity, cooperation and communication among organizations operating from the DC Rojc.

Members of an open platform: the Alliance of the Rojc Associations; Merlin Association for promoting creativity; Armazonex Association; Sunflower Association - Pula; Kontakt Association; City workshop; Magician's hat; Adriatic animation; Marine Scouts "Uljanik". The platform is supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development for a period of one to three years.


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