Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

We are announcing a souvenir manufacture workshop on the topic of Antiquity and History of Pula that will take place in May 2018. The workshop has been held for many years for citizens of Pula and the beneficiaries of the Rojc Community Center. We enrich the souvenir offer of the city of Pula by molding in clay and making molds. During the next three months, some 5000 different souvenirs will be cast off at the workshop, and will be used at the manifestation the Original Splendor of Arena that takes place each year. The association will also sell the souvenirs at the stand near Arena and will offer its souvenirs at the event named the Days of Antiquity that is held in May at several locations in Pula.

Flyer - Dvigrad FairAttention, attention, listen and hear! On Saturday and Sunday, May 12 and 13, 2018, the old stone of the ancient city of Dvigrad will be revived!

The ancient stone walls of the Istrian medieval town above Kanfanar have been the scene of the two-day thematic manifestation Dvigradski samanj (Dvigrad Fair) for the third year in a row. It is a manifestation of revived history within which the old abandoned houses and streets are filled with the inhabitants of its glorious past for just two days. At the beginning of the 15th century, Kaštel Dvigrad experienced its greatest moments with the arrival of the Venetians, but two centuries later the glory of Dvigrad completely faltered. The Merlin Association, in cooperation with the Moncastell Catering Company, the Tourist Association, the Kanfanar Municipality, the Dvegrajci Association and the Kanfanar Elementary School, launched this event by enacting the spirit of the Middle Ages into the ruinous walls of Dvigrad, in order to allow the visitors to experience the life of the town as it used to be.

Come with us to the world of ancient times at St. Mark's Festival and experience the Middle Ages of Veprinac on Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th April! Entrance to the event is free.

Try your hand at archery and fencing, take part in the battle of knights, marvel at the proud horses, taste the spiced wine and become a part of history for one day!

We prepare special surprises for children - a festive children's parade with knights and city guards, a play, a tour of medieval camp site, a presentation of medieval skills, the revival of old children's games, learning medieval dances, a medieval carousel and creative workshops.

The organizers are KD Leprinac and the Merlin Association, and this year the festival will host various organizations from Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia: Ordo Sancti Viti from Rijeka; Order of the Star from Kaposvár; Nova Conpania Vis Ferri from Trieste, Viridi Hedera from Ribnica, Cultural Front Association from Opatija and Horse Club Adria.

Izrada cipelaThe creative workshop for making medieval clothing and footwear continued in this academic year in the Primary School R.K. Jeretov Opatija, Veprinac regional school, for students of three classes. Last year we made medieval clothes that we refined this year for annual Carnival, but we had no shoes. During the four months, children were sewing canvas shoes with the help of their teachers and members of Merlin Association. We made shoe soles out of the recycled old shoes and made medieval shoes with the help of parents who participated in this workshop. Children will take part in the Markova medieval manifestation and will wear the orginial medieval clothes and shoes in a play during the two-day event of Markova at Veprinac on 28 and 29 April 2018.

As part of the workshop, we also wore our costumes to take a part in a photo session for the calendar of the Primorsko-Goranska County for the project "Putevima Frankopana".

Izrada suvenira - VeprinacOn March 29, 2018 members of the Merlin Association held a souvenir making workshop at the Gallery of Students' Cultural Center (Galerija SKC) in Rijeka. With this workshop, Merlin Association participated in a continuous orientation of Galerija SKC focused on education and practice in the field of art.

The workshop is the continuation of the collaboration between the Merlin Association and the Association of Students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, which was established in order to encourage the students to work in applied practices and also to educate the wider public about the possibilities of making their own handicrafts.

Merlin presented the following manufacturing processes: making clay relief, making a bicomponent silicone mold; making gypsum castings, painting souvenirs with soil solution. We designed the souvenirs of Veprinac and Dvigrad in the form of magnets measuring 6 to 8 cm.