Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

Weaving workshop teaches women how to weave using weaving loom and other weaving techniques. It encourages the creativity and personal expression through the use of colors, and it revives the traditional textile technique of making the decorative and apparel items. In the workshop, we also use the recycled wool and from it we make decorative and usable items.

The "Beginners weaving workshop" is held in winter months in Pula, in groups of 6 persons working on three weaving looms. The workshop lasts 20 hours, the participants learn how to plan the weave, prepare the weave, weave, draw weave with the harmony of color and design, manually weave, and draw the embroidery with harmony of colour and design.

The women who participated in the beginners course may come three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) throughout the year and weave in our workshop.