Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

Dani antikeTraditional manifestation "Days of Antiquity" took place on several locations in Pula city center during three days starting from the 12th of June. During the entire event Merlin Association presented its handcrafts on the central point of sale on the Pula Forum (Square). The handcrafts made in "Roman smiles" workshop sparked interest with many tourists and local people.

DvigradWe invite you to "Dvigrad Fair", the event that brings to life the history of the ancient frozen town of Dvigrad, which will take place on the 17th September 2016. The event is an all-day event with the participation of medieval knight orders (St. Vid from Rijeka, Viridi Hedera from Ribnica, Nova Compania Vis Ferri from Trieste, Sokol Blacksmith), masters of traditional crafts (basket making, woodworking, blacksmith, barrel making, carpentry, weaving, wood instruments and handicrafts making), workshops and carousel for children, presentations of fencing and archery, and sale of medieval snacks and drinks. In the afternoon of the Dvigrad Fair, the soloists of ensemble "Anonima Frottolisti" will perform a concert "Musica fortemente legate alla danza" in the Basilica of St. Sophia at 5 p.m.

The event is organized by the Tourist Office of Kanfanar, Merlin Association for the Promotion of Creativity from Pula and the Tavern Moncastell.

IzletOn Saturday 24th January 2015, Merlin Association organized a trip to Rijeka for participants of Help in Learning program for students attending the fifth to eighth grade, Roma children from Vodnjan and Galizana. The trip was designed as a kind of reward for students who reguarly attend this program, which takes place three times a week throughout the school year, on the premises of the Children's Center "Morning Flower" in Vodnjan. Since the students themselves defined the ideal trip to be the visit to the movies and shopping, Tower Center in Rijeka was selected for the destination, where they watched the 3D animated film "Team for 6" in the Cinestar multiplex cinema and after snacks were free to walk the Center and make purchases. They also enjoyed the video games corner and other entertainment that Tower Center offers. Tired from a long day but also happy, they could not resist having fun and singing on the bus ride back home.

Posjet GaližaniPreschool children from the Children's Center "Morning Flower" and children from the nursery "Tinker Bell" took part in the workshops and fun organized by the kindergarten "Peter Pan" from Vodnjan, on the occasion of the Children's Week. On 7 October 2014, children participated in two art and one music workshop in the courtyard of the building, where they could enjoy singing and playing various instruments - rattles, and the most skillful kids tried various sports games on the polygon set on the soccer field, with lot of jumping, wriggling and balance exercises. In addition to workshops and sports games, children also had time for free play with their peers in the kindergarten garden.

Ranč BubačOn 21st October 2014, children from the Children's Center "Morning Flower" and their parents went on an interesting educational visit to the Puppet Theatre Rijeka and the Equestrian Center Bubač Ranch located in the southern part of Učka mountain. The journey was a unique experience as it was the first longer trip for some pre-school children. During the morning we watched the imaginative play "Doctor Dollittle", with interesting puppets. Before lunch we walked through the autumn forest to the Equestrian Center. The Center was the opportunity for children to see different animals and learn about the riding skills and caring for horses. This wonderful trip was organized as a part of the IPA project "Educational integration of Roma children in the town of Vodnjan", which is co-financed by the EU.