Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

Personal application at cell phone 091 / 789 44 81

Via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When visiting our workshops in Rojc building, in Gajeva 3 in Pula

  • Sewing and weaving (Rojc, ground floor, room 7)
  • Office and radio (Rojc, ground floor, room 3a)
  • Modeling and casts (Rojc, middle of South wing, room 3)

Visiting Merlin subsidiary Matulji, Bregi 70

What can you do with us:

  • You can be the recipients of our services, if you are members of the marginalized social groups
  • You can participate in our educational workshops
  • You can join our "Merlinke" club (weaving, sewing and embroidery workshops),
  • You can volunteer in our projects or even be our donors
  • You can participate in the sales-exhibition manifestation The Original Splendor of Pula's Arena, if you're a member of a NGO from Pula, which is willing to exhibit your handicrafts.

If you are a mamber of some non-governmental organization in Pula, which wishes to exhibit its handicrafts. Applications are accepted until 5 May 2012, when Committee for the selection of exhibition works will meet and select the works.

How you can help our projects

  • You can participate in our ROMAN SMILES workshop and make the souvenirs inspired by the cultural and historical inheritance of Pula.
  • You can donate the textile and wool for our sewing and weaving workshops.